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About Program  –

Aparajita conducted various program on Swachchha Bharat Mission with support form NABARD, NJGB Bank and SIDBI (CSR) in Indore, Dewas and Khandwa districts.  To spread awareness on Swachcchata various street drama, rallies, and workshops organized in slum areas of the city based on the recommendation of panchayat and administration.  Free Dustbins to keep Green and Recyclable wastes distributed in the program and explained log of “GeelaKachara” and “SukhaKachara” to the community to ensure proper recycling of wastes i.e. by making compost or any recycled products for plastic etc.  Home based compost plant trainings and workshops on “how to reuse the wastes” conducted in the slums to motivate community to reduce use of plastic and polyethene products to save environment and keep it clean.

Target Area and community –

Target Area –Indore, Dewas an Khandwa

Community –  Urban and Rural

Program / activities under the program –

  1. Village / slum Camps.
  2. Rally
  3. Street Drama
  4. Wall Paintings
  5. Distribution of dustbins.

Outcome / Results –

  1. Community understand the importance of Health and Hygiene.
  2. Community participated in Swachchha Bharat Mission
  3. Home based composed unit established and used for kitchen garden to grow healthy vegetables.