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SMITA Program

About Program  –

“SMITA” was one of most prestigious programs piloted with SHGs linked with Aparajita MahilaSangh at Dewas district under funding support from NABARD with Narmada Jhabua Bank.

In traditional SHG meeting each member deposit their savings and loan repayment by Cash in monthly meeting; which deposited in bank after the meeting.  Cash transactions in SHG meetings lead to cash handling risks and SHG has to go to bank branch to deposit cash which incur more cost to the SHG .

SMITA program was aimed to do SHG meeting transaction with help of biometric enable POS device by Debit Card Based transaction; and fund from one account to another account transferred directly by Card Based Transfer processes of Bank.

Bank Sakhi (Bank BC) played at key role in program by opening SHG members and SHGs groups Aadhaar linked bank account and NJGB Banks supported program by enabling “Dual Bio-matric Authentication” for SHG Group transaction done by Two signing authorities of SHG.

In the meeting SHG members used their Biometric authentication to deposit savings and repayment to SHG Groups Bank account and SHG Signatories used dual-biometric authentication to transfer the repayment to funder or to disburse the loan to SHG members.


Target Area and community –

Target Area – Dewas

Community – 100 SHGs

Program / activities under the program –

  • Opening of individual and SHG Group’s biometric enable SHG Bank accounts with help of Bank Sakhi (BC Agent).
  • Conducted orientation programs for SHGs for Cash less transactions.
  • Motivated SHG members to deposit their daily savings into bank account.
  • Supported Bank Sakhi (Bank BC) in door step collection of cash form SHG members.
  • Provided Cash less meeting trainings to SHG Groups.
  • Maintained MIS of SHGs
  • Financial Literacy trainings provided to SHG members.
  • Act as Bridge between Bank and SHG members to boost confidences.


Outcome / Results –


  • 100 SHGs converted in Cash Less SHGs;
  • Standing instruction for Loan repayment to Funder created at Bank Branches for automated loan repayment.
  • All internal loan repayment and Savings deposits of members collected by Card Based transfer from SHG Members account to SHG Group account.