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E-shakti Program

About Program –

SHG movement in India is approx. 30 years old and all SHG promoting institutes are maintaining their SHG data separately, either on MIS or on Manual system; but there was to common platform for the SHG promoters and SHG supporting agencies to get the accurate and authentic SHG data from the field.  To bridge the gap, NABARD developed a Cloud Based ERP/MIS software called as “e-Shakti” to provide a common platform to all SHPIs and SHG promoting agencies to update their data which can be used for SHG grading, credit linkages and other SHG linked development programs.

e-Shakti is one of the prestigious programs of NABARD with a focus on digitization of SHG data.  Under this scheme complete MIS of SHGs need to up update on Cloud based MIS system designed by NABARD.  Uploaded MIS data wouldbe available for banker and funder to identify eligible SHG for loan to provide easier credit support; and to implement various SHG driven program run by Govt. and other development agencies for the community development as well.

Web link – https://eshakti.nabard.org/

Target Area and community –

Target Area – Indore, Dewas and Dewas

Community – SHG Groups and SHG members.

Program Period –

Form 2017 to continued…


Program / activities under the program –

  • Mobile Based Application trainings imparted to 35+ animators and Desktop interface Admin Module training provided to District Admin in-charge of program.
  • Updation of SHG and Member MIS Data including KYC – Aadhaar, Bank Account details and PAN card numbers etc. with existing loans and savings balances.
  • Updation of monthly meeting MIS – Savings and repayments and Financial Accounting.
  • Staff and SHG members training for software operations.
  • Regular and live data entry of SHG MIS from field.
  • SMS alert setup for SHG members for SMS updates.


Outcome / Results –


  • e-shakti Programs implemented at Indore, Dewas and Khandwa districts.
  • Total 1500+ SHGs data updated on portal including 800 from Indore, 400 from Dewas and 300* Khandwa district.
  • Banker started using MIS information of e-Shakti portal for SHG grading.
  • Over and multiple loaning to SHG members reduced
  • Identification of correct beneficiary SHG become more easier and simpler for development agencies.