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Computerization & MIS

“IT & MIS: IT and MIS a vital part of organization, it makes organization update with latest and accurate information. AMSSM board is very keen about IT & MIS and since long time using various Software products used for program monitoring and management. It is a well known fact that Self Help Group level data management is very crucial for any NGO/MFI and usually, it managed with manual book and records. Manual process creates lot of problem in day to day monitoring & management of internal SHG activity. Ultimately affects SHG quality and sustainability. AMSSM is well aware about these issues, therefore designed an integrated MIS/ERP application which will cater all NGO, SHG and Cooperative-MFI activities in an integrated manner.
This ERP application provide various options to record SHG level activities i.e. Member registration, SHG formation, Internal Savings & Credits, Bank Linkages, CC linkages, Meeting and attendance records, Social performance tracking, Economical performance tracking, Overdue monitoring, Capacity building training log etc. Key feature of ERP application is that it provide option of integrate SHG MIS with SHG-Federation / cooperative MIS. This unique integration enables AMSSM to execute Cooperative Federation activities promptly and to provide quality reports to funders / Bankers. Also, ERP application provides option of record all NGO activities i.e. Group formation, Livelihood & Capacity building training, Financial Literacy & Finance Inclusion programs, VTP etc in an integrated manner.
ERP application is a web based MIS application, it can be accessed anywhere through broadband and therefore it makes easier to monitor and manage organization activities in large geographic area, which ultimately help organization to reach maximum number of community members to provide all types of socio-economical benefits with a low cost model & unique quality services.
This ERP application enables AMSSM to use various latest technology features i.e. SMS alert system, Mobile application, HHD application, Core Banking Services, Credit Bureau data sharing etc to reduce operation cost and to increase optimum performance. “