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It is well known fact that access of credit is very difficult for poor community members from Banks and other funders because they are not having any credit gurantee i.e. Assets, proof of regular income, ID proofs  etc.; thereore, majority of poor community is still relying on Money lenders and getting loan at very higher rate of interest and loosing their hard earned money in repayment.   With a core objective to provide easier and cost effecive credit support to poor community member to meet therir basic financial need, Aparajita Mahaila Sangh established a micro credit wing known as Aparajita Mahila Sakh Sahakarita Maryadit (AMSSM) in year 2006.  AMSSM is a SHG federation registered under MP Cooperative Act -2013.  AMSSSM is provideing Group Based micro credit suppor to the community for livelihood promotion activities.  As of now AMSSM has it’s field prasent in Indore Division of Madhya Pradesh includng Indore, Dhar, Khandwa, Khargone and Barwani districts.  AMSSM has redesigned Group Based Membership concept with individual membership to provide cost effective and easy creadit support to Members.  As of now AMSSM has aproox 5000+ women share members with loan O/S approx 5Cr and Savings deposits apporx 4Cr and day by day memberbase in increasing….

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